On-the-job-training is like being a slave. A worker for free. I am there to learn. I will have a opposite gender tutor in my main subjects, only had that in an extra subject before, never in my main subject. It will be interesting. My tutor is old, it should be retired already… wondering if I am the person’s last on-the-job-training-student? Wondering when it will retire? Thinking having a “fox” tutor might be good, it should know a lot. I had two foxes among my three tutors at my other autumn training to. I like people with a lot of knowledge. Wondering where it has studied before.
I will have a long travelling time. I don’t like it. I am going from one on-the-job-training to another. A few real days work in between. I am already tired. But I’ll have to do it. Manage it. Do the assignment. Do the tasks. I have to. I want to complete this semester.

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