We’re making a poll

Our kid started arguing it thought it was ugly each time it looked in the mirror. I said it cannot even be ugly, no matter how hard it tries. So I said we could make a poll and ask people if they think the kid is ugly. So far noone has said the kid is ugly. The answer to the question is: No. I think the kid is starting to understand it is not ugly.

The kid got this idea from a stupid remark from someone in school. I thought we already handled the issue, but this is obviously something the kid thinks about. It wants confirmation. What a shallow world. Even though I think it is shallow, this is what the world obsesses about – beauty. So I have to confirm it, even though I think it’s wrong the kid even bothers to think about it.

The kid has asked strange questions lately. It asked me “Who do you like most in our family?” I said that was a stupid question. I like my kid, I like my partner. Sometimes I dislike them. I value each situation and it is more a value of a situation at hand. I told the kid it cannot compare being a kid and being a partner. It is a difficult question to handle. I don’t want to answer it. I said I like them both as much, but the kid wasn’t content with that. I tried to explain I sometimes don’t like how they behave and when they do good things I like someone at that moment perhaps a little bit more, than someone that does the oposite at one moment, but in the end I like them both and I will always be a parent. I wonder why the kid is asking for confirmation. I try to give confirmation of love and appriciation, but obviously a lot of thoughts go around in the kids head.

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