Hate crimes in Sweden

Sweden has to much hate. Today I meet the beggar at one of the super markets I can visit. He was sad, trying to tell me about his car, that he sleeps in. Someone/Some people have crushed all the windows in his car. He sleeps in the car and has everything he owns in it, which isn’t much. The world is to cruel. I know this is a hate crime. Someone that hates beggars has done it. I told the staff inside the store. They said it had been now for a few weeks. I haven’t been to the store in a while. Well. I think it is sad. I therefore bought 4 lottery tickets to the beggar. Hoping it might have a slight chance of winning some money. I feel sad. I have no outhouse to give the beggar. I will get plastic and help the beggar cover up the windows, so it doesn’t rain. The beggar has no chance in hell to pay for all those windows. I am pretty sure of that. People are so cruel. This is a hate crime towards beggars. Anyone can see it is a beggars car, since there are sleeping stuff inside the car.

Sweden is full of racists. Some just hide it better. Hate crimes is just a symptom.

Sweden lacks empathy. Nobody has helped the beggar in two weeks. I went and got transparent plastic bags and silver tape. When I got back the beggar wasn’t there, a friend to the beggar was there. I wrapped the windows for the beggar. Nobody tried to help me, except the friend to the beggar, that finally understood what I was up to. He told me it was mafia that did it. I told him it was racists. Hate crime. I gave the beggar a Coca cola and four Tia-lott-lottery tickets. I think the world is fucked up, especially Sweden.

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