Westminster attack

There was a attack at Westminster, United Kingdom, today, according to Expressen. I was a passenger in a car of the same label as in the images from that attack for the first time yesterday. I wrote “Car [..]” in  a header the other day. I have also recently written “One person [..]”. It was one person driving a car… but we don’t know yet where the man comes from, will it be even freakier? I also wrote “bridge” on Aviciis Instagram this week. I don’t think any of that is really funny. That one person kills people on a bridge in a car label I sat in yesterday. I also wrote “Prism” as title to a song, but that is also a form of name on a surveillance program and United Kingdom has a lot of surveillance, still that could happen. CCTV didn’t protect anyone in this case. So coinscidence or what? Freaky, if you ask me.

Someone also klicked on a link the other week “You are one person that can make a difference”. Also that is reference to one person, as in this attack. My statistics has been saying “Big” for many weeks now. There are more things, but I rather not say.

According to CNN the perpetrator was Khalid Masood and he was British and born in Kent. He had previous convictions, however not for terrorism. ISIS has claimed this attack, but CNN doesn’t know if Khalid had any relations to them at all. The name means eternal according to behindthename.com and Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia a former king also carried that name. The name works as a surname and firstname.

Masood means happy, fortunate and prosperous. There are famous Turkish and Iranian people with that name. (Wikipedia) This is freaky to me, since I wrote Turkish in my header in the closest articles to the attack date. All the signs are on first word bases on my blog. I think the universe coinsidences aren’t funny. They actually scare me some.

What is the universal meaning of letting a British person with the name with the meaning of eternally happy(fortunate/prosperous) go and kill people with knife on a bridge in Westminster?







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