What parents do

What don’t we parents do for our kids? I have to clean the kids class room 2 times per year. Or really 4 times per year, but my partner does 2 days and I do 2 days. The kid does 4 days, just to learn to be responsible to not mess up the class room. It is actually good that kids get to clean their own class rooms. They respect the premisis better. But I don’t like doing it. This is a private school and they have things different from public schools. If we had chosen the public school in the neighbourhood I wouldn’t have to do any cleaning. I have completed my home exam today, been to the library and I have cleaned the class room. I am tired now. Doing all those errands sucks my energy out. But what don’t we do for our kids? We have to do a lot of things. The kid has been annoying today, or every week. It questions everything. We have had inflation in the question “why”, even though I in every sentence almost put in the explaination. The kid doesn’t listen and think. I am so fucking tired or the question “why”, not even my students ask. I haven’t really had any weekend off, to rest and relax for three weeks. I am taking the day off tomorrow, but the house needs cleaning… so no real relaxing.

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