Sweden is “DDR light”

I came to think of it, when seeing a comment about “postsossigt” to an article comment on Twitter. Then I remembered the person I meet, that used to live in Berlin. I was told Sweden was seen as “DDR light” and it was somehow okay to travel to Sweden during that era, even though many other countries where forbidden to visit for those in DDR. This was a bit funny to me, considering how communists in Sweden where marked at SÄPO-registers. They denied VPK-members for jobs that needed background checks. SÄPO is the Swedish version of Stasi (sorry, no offense, right?), they are the Swedish secret police. They also handle national security and body guards for important people. Well. The person told me that Sweden had a lot of coorporation with DDR before the wall even fell. I know they did. But I didn’t know they saw Sweden as “DDR light”. Hmm. What does that make you think?

The article that they commented on Twitter was:


Twitter comment:


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