Fake student

I am not a real student. I am just a fake student. Most students don’t own their living quaters, they don’t own a newer version of a car, they are usually not married and have kids(well, of course they have, but now we think of the stereotype version), they usually live in the same town, since they walk, run or go bus/train to school. I already did the real student round in the 1990’s, with parties, living on my own, having a “rent-a-wreck”-look-a-like-car. So now I guess I am a “older student”-version, that has already done a round at the work places of the world. Had no career. I am a failiure as a person, but some probably think I look nice on paper. Perhaps. But I don’t feel like a success. I mostly reach goals I set, but I don’t set them so often. I am a feather in the wind to often. Well. I am a fake student. I drive a car to work, school and so on. I have a family, I don’t have time to it the student-way. I also study over 250%, which is unusual. But finally it feels like I study 100%. Well. Anyway. I don’t go on parties and an invitation to a party at our student community (kår), got me thinking… naa, don’t wanna go. Or should I? I afterall will complete my education there soon… this year, or next year. Hmm… I haven’t been to any activitities what so ever. That is also very “not student”-like. But what is the point? I rather be home, relaxing. I cannot do the “student-thing” all over again. I already did it for real in the 1990’s. That has to be enough.

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