I’m tired

Today I have had a three hour long group interview and then I meet my tutor for the next on the job-training period for a couple of hours. I’m so tired after having to make first impressions.

Reaction to the school. It is a private school. It is one of the top 10, won’t tell which one, of the most attractive schools in Stockholm county. That means they have among the highest numbers of first choice applicants to their educations. The school is enormous. They are bigger then the one I attended during the autumn. I will hold three classes from my second week and til mid of May. I will do the content, the grade specifications and so on. I already know what I’m teaching and it feels great. I am just tired. I have one home exam til Monday, then my new job starts. At the end of March is my second home exam. I am tired. Will I not get any rest? I guess not.

This school has all new things. Luxurious, just like the school during autumn.

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