Russian hunger games is on

Oh well, it wasn’t fake news after all… it seems. A Swede has applied to participate. Russian law is still valid during the Game2: Winter, that is the name of the TV-show, according to Aftonbladet. Well. the Russian TV-show will not interfere with rape, murder, theft and so on, I guess this is why it is called “Russian hunger games”. But you know, noone is above the law. If you do crimes during the TV-show, what is the purpose of getting the money? Well, perhaps you won’t get the money, but your family might. I hope people don’t reason that way. I also wonder what Russian law says if you don’t interfere if you see them making crimes? In some countries it’s illegal to not interfere if you see a crime going on. Where does the fine line go? Theft? Murder? Rape? When do you need to interfere? Not asking you to jump in, just to alert the police. Prevent i.e.) a murder or a rape. The game rule is to survive in Siberia wilderness. Brrr. Sounds cold. If it all turns into a murder I think it is considered a snuff movie. Snuff movies show real murders.


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