Come play my pet

This girl is Nelli Matula and she sings the song Lemikki. Lemikki means pet. She sings that the boy should come and play her pet(pretend to be her pet). She wants to put a collar and a lesh on you. This also fits the dominator perspective. Someone that controls the other.

He can also be seen as her toy, someone that does what she tells him to do. She has decided he is hers and she doesn’t care what other’s say about him. She wants to put him inside a cage and show him off. He is so cute. She intends to teach him. Show me what’s special about you. You better be a good boy. Come when I whistle.

I am surfing on my IP hider and I am currently located in Finland, which gives me a lot of Finish YouTube and Finish ads. I actually think these songs are pretty funny.

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