Well, I have now produced what was expected of me to the seminar. Needed to produce it in order to follow the schedule. I am in head of time, that means that I have done it in time, one day to early. Feels great, considering I just fell a sleep today. I was so tired after today, so I had no energy left. I have also worked on my thesis today, so I got 2 things done today, which feels good. I have also held a class. I have also gotten feedback from my tutor on my on-the-job-training period. I have also used the massage-chair at work, that I didn’t know we even had until a few weeks ago. I think that was a good thing for my back, using the massage chair and relax. I fell a sleep, good thing I had a alarm watch on. I think I’m gonna use it tomorrow too. Oh. The food at that school… and the massage chair. Thank God for those luxury things. My last week… I actually like my tutor. The tutor is from my home town, which is a bit fun. I had two tutors on this on the job training, the other one is energetic. The other one is a star, needless to say. Some are stars and consume all the attention. Hehe. Not a bad thing, just saying. Well, this is my last week on that on-the-job-training. Next week my new starts. No rest. No relaxing. Just work, work, work. Amazing pace on my studies. I think I really am a full-time student now. Imagine that I had to study 253,5% to feel I am a full-time student. However, the past two weeks I have had no relaxing, not even on weekends… so it has really been around the clock, every day, which is a little bit to much. No wonder I just fell a sleep today, after work. I’m still tired, but at least I could do the seminar. This seminar is really a home exam. But after comments from the seminar we change the content and tweek it.

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