Holi day Google doodle 2017 analysis

The Google team is in a hurry, running with all different ages and different colors. They all got different shapes of eyes and sizes of bodies, some are screaming, some are smiling and so on. Som have fast legs, others wave their arms to cheer. They all got different face mimic and personalities. They are a colorful and fast team. Some need to be carried by others to be quick runners, so the team helps each other to run fast. Someone makes quality assurance and stays behind, colors the e that the rest of the team seemes to have missed, someone with a sense for details. There is room for everyone on the Google team, even those left behind. They also have a purpose, here in the Doodle the one left behind quality assures the Google doodle, so it is colorful all the way. It can also be for someone that likes to work alone, but that person is still part of a team.

This Google doodle has gotten inspiration from the Indian holiday Holi day. They go out in the streets and sprinkle different colors all over. People get all colorful.

What a good doodle to interpret into diversified teams. The world needs more of those. Google needs to hurry up and get that. The world cannot wait. People are all different, but still we all have a purpose. Let us embrace diversity.