Turkish diplomats stopped from landing in the Netherlands

I am thinking this is really strange. The Turkish plane with diplomats wasn’t allowed to land in the Netherlands, according to DN. I understand the concern of safety and the ide of not giving to much power to the president in a country, in this case Erdogan. But at the same time, it is not the buisness of the Netherlands to interfere with democratic elections in other countries. They should allow them to make their performances for their emigrated Turks from Turkey. If they want it forbidden, they need to create a law that parties located outside the Netherlands are not allowed to campaign in their country. That will be very strange, would that country then forbid online activities as well campaiging? Censoring the Internet? It is fishy to forbid diplomats from landing in a country. If a country is forbidden to enter, there needs to be information about that between the countries, not just forbid a plane to land. If VISA is required, then fine, then they will be rejected at the airport to enter. There are a lot of ways to hinder people from entering a country and I really don’t think the news article gave me the information I need to evaluate what is and what is not. Did they have VISA? Are there restrictions for Turkish to enter the Netherlands? What is needed to enter? If there are no restrictions and Turks are allowed to land, or if they have VISA, then I think it was strange the Turkish plane couldn’t land. Erdogan reacted by saying they where relics of the Nazis on TV. Interesting. Talk about putting a label on the Dutch. The Dutch I’ve meet have been nice people. The family I lived with during my stay had their son in the UN forces. Well. The world is unbalanced and the Trump administration is spreading all over the world. The terrorist attacks are closing our countries, the war migration is bothering the security policies and restricting our immigration. The world has issues. Why don’t they meet and talk? What is the problem with conversation? Netherlands should talk with Erdogan. Sit down and talk. Diplomats should hold coversations.



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