Some teacher’s manage to make students feel discriminated

I don’t think some teacher’s even think about how they make some people in the crowd feel discriminated. I don’t know how come they don’t use pedagogical methods for teaching know to be diplomatic and fair from the beginning? To lazy? To unorganised? I think some teachers give more speech time to some, while some are always cut off, even though if we time it, they had less time. I feel like that a lot. Like being cut off, at least by some teacher’s on two courses I am attending. I feel discriminated. I don’t get to ask my questions. If this continues I finally won’t bother to even ask anything anymore. I know this from before. Those teacher’s break down my confidence and I start doubting my existence. I think one of the teacher’s is a strange person and I think it is even strange he teaches the subject in question, since he seems be doing the opposite of what he teaches. He also talkes against policies and new theory by dismissing them, even though they are now in use and I happen to think they are right. The other teacher doesn’t let me present the same amount of time as the others, which bothers me a lot. I told him to use another method with exact time to each student, that is more fair. I fucking feel like I am not wanted and that is so obvious sometimes. I have those teacher’s now and then. They don’t seem to be able to handle their reaction on an active student that really wants to know things. I am polite. I am not perfect, but I hold up my hand, to get to ask, if I think it is necessary in order to understand. Well. Those are some things that have bothered me this week and I feel sad. I don’t like this world. I don’t like people. I just get disappointed all the time. In Sweden everybody should be silent, but at the same time, the “right” ones get all the speech time they need. Sweden is a strange, discriminating country of those that are different from the “lagom”.

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