Düsseldorf attack

A man has stabbed people with an weapon at the Central station in Düsseldorf this evening, according to Expressen. Eye witnesses in German newspapers, according to Expressen, say a person with an ax was attacking the people at the central station.

I looked up the address. The address is close to places named after people.One place is named after Bertha von Suttner. She was a Austrian pacifist that won the Nobel peace price. Heinz Schmöle Strasse is another location there and he was a Chief Executive at a insurance company for many years. Antoher place is Ludwig Erhard avenue, he was a German politician.

There is a consert hall and a theater right next to it, as well as a buss company named Keolis, that company also exists in Sweden. A famous accountant agency PwC is also located not to far away, as well as a commercial building (handelscentrum). Then a park named Velberter. The name could be after a city name Velberter, just a few European miles away from Düsseldorf. Ironically enough that city is known for creating locks and fittings. Naturally enough their coat of arms has a key in it, in black, red and white. A hotel right next to it is named Novum Hotel Madison. Novum means news.

So the surroundings around the station are related with their buissness is names with news, locks, fittings, accountant agencies, insurance companies, commercial buildings, buss companies, consert hall and theater. Symbols for capitalism, unequal structural systems, that lock in the poor people in expensive insurances because of them having to live in high crime areas? Music and culture, perhaps cultural unequalities, since those places are hard to afford for the poor. They are slaves to numbers and the poor people’s employers can afford big and famous accountant agencies. When something happens poor people are in the news. So with that said… isn’t it strange we can find such things just following the map of news? The universe is a strange place indeed.

I just wrote and article yesterday of four murders in Sweden. Today I added yet another murder of a person to that article, so the count was five people and now the news have been reporting about five injured people in the attack. This attack happend after that.










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