3 home exams completed

So finally, I have completed the home exams for this week. It wasn’t a fun job, but I needed to do them.

I have also planned what days my new on-the-job-training-period is. It starts in April and will go on the rest of the term, since I have collision with my other studies one week. So no rest, no peace for me, just work, work, work. However I am teaching seniors, so it shouldn’t be that hard. They should be pretty self going, after all they are graduating in June. They are going to be adults for real, if they don’t go off to studies and stay home. Since they live in  a university city with to little amount of apartments many likely have to live at home for a while after completing their high school studies.

Well. I have at least had a chat with my tutor. I have some things to do. I have a lot to do. It will be a hectic April. Next class has already started and I don’t have the books, even though I ordered them.

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