My kid wants to be supported

Haha, my kid has said to my partner that it wants to be supported by a partner in the future, just as me. The kid wants to do arts and crafts and then my partner said to the kid; Good, then you can sell the items. The kid replied it didn’t want to sell the items.

Oh my God. I am setting up a bad role model to my kid. My kid simply hasn’t understood I am a student… but yes, I am supported by my partner right now, the student fund is very small and I haven’t worked much since October, since I’ve been on the job-traning a lot since then.

I now told the kid, if that is the goal, then I need to teach it how to be the perfect stay-at-home-partner. Haha. My partner added that I’ve then done a bad job at that department. Haha. Not true, I’ve been doing a lot at home for many years, but no, not lately, I just cannot during my studies. But then again, I’ve been making most of the money on top of doing most work at home for one decade, until I just couldn’t anymore… I cannot do a lot at home now, it consumes to much of my brain capacity.

I told the kid that it has to marry rich and therefore it needs to know the correct manners for that environment. The kid asked, what if I cannot? Haha… I told the kid that it already has the looks to be a partner to anyone, modelling quality as it is. I told the kid it needs a good education and good manners to be able to chose a good rich partner. Haha. I also said we could do a arrange marriage and find a nice man. Haha.

The kid then says it was just kidding. My partner then asked, so what do you wanna do when you grow up? It said it doesn’t know… not even I know…and I have been “grown up” for two decades…

I’m guessing this kid will be spoiled either way… I think my partner will support it as long as it lives, I don’t think my partner will let it ever be without money. I have that feeling… that this kid will get anything it needs from my partner. Not from me… haha. I set a standard. I have demands. But my partner… does everything. The kid is already on the way becoming a perfect partner for someone. It can skate, ski, do slalom, swim, play tennis, play golf, dine at a restaurant, go to the movies, it however failed the museum once, but it can even go to museums and behave. Jepp. My partner does take the kid on everything sporty and I on the cultural stuff. Well. I guess this is a “rich” kid even though I am “poor”. I guess we have a low income, since we only have one income right now, but we are not really “poor”, because they cannot do all these things with their kids. But we have less money than many “poor” households I would be guessing. But the kid has skates, skies, slalom skies, tennis racket, golf kit etcetera. Not all kids have that, especially real poor people don’t. Real poor people don’t own their houses either.