Still haven’t got the book

But I took some photo’s of the pages… but I have no energy left after today’s lectures. I will do it this weekend. My class mate is bringing the book for me. If it doesn’t I will have to read the reference copy at the library. I had no energy to do it today. I think many had replied different on the questions. It is my nightmare teacher that will examine the first one. Fuck. Has to be perfect to his liking. He doesn’t like how I write… needless to say, but I told him that I never worked as hard for 1,5 credits as for his… I wonder where he sets the bar? Way up high? I guess I have to write perfect answers. Didn’t know he was the one examining the answers… but after today I know. So I will enhance my answers, but not today. I have no energy left. We had a lecture of about 100 students today. The lecturer was really good and I have no energy left.

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