I really don’t want to work

My partner believes I’ll work as a teacher. I said today that I will not. I don’t like Stockholm and as long as I live here, I don’t wanna teach. I cannot take the people living here in Stockholm. Cannot stand them. I won’t work as a teacher, since I don’t want to. It consumes me. People in Stockholm consume, they don’t give. I cannot. Not for the rest of my life. Perhaps a day here and there, but no… I don’t think I want to work permanent anywhere in Stockholm. Not ever, not as a teacher. I don’t like Stockholm and the people here. I feel them consuming me. I am on-the-job-training and I was so glad I only have four days left, just to realise my other on-the-training period is all of April…I thought it was in May, but it wasn’t. Felt a overwheaming dispear. I don’t want to have on-the-job-training again… fuck, directly after the other. I just don’t want to. It feels so good not having to work this week. I simply said I don’t wanna work as a teacher. My partner thought I should quit my education then. I won’t, I wanna finish it. But I’m not gonna work as a teacher in school. That doesn’t appeal me. My partner wondered why I then study this program. It is because I am then qualified to apply to research programs. That perhaps interests me more, being in the university, or somewhere else than elementary school and high school. I really just don’t feel like working in school, the kids consume me. I said the teachers education is good for a lot of other things, like being a leader. But I rather work with adults than kids. I just want the education, but not the job.

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