I want a new device

I don’t think it is environmentally friendly, which is something I wish it was. However using my pens of oil are not either… they are not renewable energy sources. However, the paper is.

I tested how it was to draw with a touch screen made for drawing. I actually very much enjoyed the isketch with Ipad Pro. I think it was Ipad Pro. It cost 8000 SEK for the simple version. It was exactly that feeling I wanted when I sketch. I think I will take a student loan to buy it. Just saying. Want it for sketching.  I liked the closeness to real sketching, makes it easier. I however want it to have my Photoshop, the store clerk said a easy version of Photoshop is included. However… I fucking want my illustrator in it… fuck. I want something that doesn’t exist. I want those things to be included.


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