Prejudice free reqruitment

There fucking is no such existing reqruitment today, if you ask me. I know there isn’t, not according to my specification. But TNG says they have. Well, I guess for someone burned out there is. Their newsletter says they have and their example shows someone from sickleave getting a job. Well, someone that burned out lived to much for their work. Most likely liked and couldn’t say no and the company gave to many tasks. Usually that is how it is, they do to much. Then they are drained on energy for a long time. Well. What if you are just not a match, a fit, a missfit? What then? There is no prejudice free reqruitment of those. There just isn’t. That is just plain horse shit that prejudice free reqruitment even exists. They are pretty cocky saying that in their newsletter. I’m sorry. Even those that have been bullied. They cannot really give references all the time and then what? Need I to go on giving examples? There is no prejudice free reqruitment. I don’t expect to get a job with no references. But I am not giving any references. I am not giving any past employers anymore. I am not. If Sweden is to stupid to give me a job, then fuck it, I’ll live on state money for the rest of my life then. If that is what they want, I’ll do that. I don’t really care anymore. I really don’t. I do my education. That is it. Then I will be unemployed. If I get a job… I will lose it sooner or later anyway, that has happend all the time, so that is the normal for me. Either they don’t like me, or if they do, then they will make cut backs or something else. I really cannot care anymore. I rather not have a job, since I don’t know if I can take that anymore, getting my hopes up, just to loose them again… or if I still can take some more shit before I eventually cannot anymore. I already crasched once after that happend. Modification, I crashed many times. I really cannot take it anymore… but I still go on living. I still go on, everyday… living. Even though I’m done with the job market. I really am. I don’t like employers. I really don’t.

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