Terrible February

Sick pet, dead pet. Sick pets. I don’t like February this year. I have a funeral to attend, but the pet is in the freezer til we have time to attend that. Then I don’t know if the ground is frozen, so we have to wait until the ground isn’t. I am sad. I perhaps could have given the pet a hospital bed and then unspecified hospital stay… for one week and then, perhaps it could live a little bit longer with medicin and special diet, but no gurantees. There never is, but sometimes the odds are better. But the pet wasn’t able to enjoy life anymore, very slow walking and very short distances and we didn’t know how sick it was until late. Many factors told us the pet was singing on its last verse. So this is not something that is lighly. I usually treat the pets, give them this and that and hospital stays, when the outcome is promising. But sometimes it is not. This time the vet didn’t believe in a good ourcome and the pet couldn’t really enjoy being alive in the way the pet should. You know, eat, drink, shit, pee, walk, sleep, relax as usual. The other pets, that are sick and have been for a while, they still enjoy being alive. They do all the things, but they are sick. They are however old and with old age comes problems sometimes. The other one, that died was older, but not “old”, so it was a little to early, if you ask me. This is the grief of having pets, they too get old, some get sick and eventually they die one day. Hopefully they die of old age and just fall asleep on their own. I like those the most, natural death. But sometimes the law doesn’t allow that, if the animal suffers. This you have to consider. I will miss the perfect pet, the one that always did everything right… I will miss my pet a lot. Now it is in heaven with my other pets that passed away over the years. Now the pet is with its sibling and the old pet that teached it how to be a good pet parent. Now they are together again, after all these years. It is strange, but the parent pet still lives… it is sad that my pet parent had to see three of its children pass away. The negative aspect of getting older than your kids. No pet parents really want to outlive their children, but sometimes that happens.

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