Next on-the-job-training period

I haven’t gotten the assignment yet. So far I have been in different places on my on-the-job-training periods, just as in my former work places. Rich and poor. Hmmm. I hope it won’t be so far to travel, which would be good, less cost for me. I don’t know what subjects I’ll be teaching. Hmmm…

This week I will also work a regular day, to earn some money, which I badly need, since this world seems to revolve around money. However a few hours won’t make much money in the pocket. This is just to be able to afford all invoices really. I am hanging on, trying to not borrow money, but perhaps I will need to do that, because the summer is coming up and then we don’t get student funds. My backup plan is to get child leave a few weeks. I would then have to be home with the kid those few weeks with minimum pay. Hehe. Same as student funds… but not all summer, since my partner takes the high paid days. My partner will be home all summer. Talk about long “vacation”, even though some parts are child leave. I however would like to work at least a part of the summer or attend summer classes. By the way, they open up applications to summer classes today. I have decided to apply for at least 2 summer classes, but I intend to only accept one.

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