Wild happenings in Rinkeby Monday

Yesterday there was a riot in Rinkeby, Sweden. The police didn’t interfere, guessing the superiors feared their lives. A gang of 50 people participated in the riot, according to DN. DN’s photographer got beaten down, hurt and they stole the DN photographer’s equipment. Private citizens finally interfered and tried to stop the riot. During the riot the men broke buildings in the center. So Donald Trump talked about “”Sweden [..] last night” to early I’m guessing. Nobody had wondered if he said it today. Well. It did happen this week. A riot. A gang of 50 people breaking and hurting stuff and people. According to DN it was due to narcs handling a suspect. The person had to fire a warning shot and that caused the riot.

Recognise this? Guns… shootings… riots. Violence and guns feed violence.

Well. This is not the common thing… this was something strange. The police not interfering due to command center… hmmm. Very strange. Well, they perhaps needed more staff.

Someone that interfered got punched in the face. These rioting people have no respect for others. They seem violent.

Some visitors from Finland said that this would never happen there. There they respect the police. Someone said the same about Norway, according to DN.

In SVD they write that the regular citizens in Rinkeby wants the criminals deported from Sweden. Some say have already fled their country once and they don’t wanna have to flee once more.

The riots resulted in example) burned cars and broken glass in Rinkeby centrum, SVD writes. SVD interviews some people and they say they know who they are and that the leaders are the ones that should be locked up. I also know that they know who they are. I know, since I have interviewed and talked to people after other happenings in the area. This time I haven’t even known anything happend in Rinkeby, but then again yesterday I was tired and went to sleep early. One interesting thing is that there is drug traffic going on there. I think this is what I saw in Vällingby the other day, a gang hanging in the garage. I think they where doing illegal buisness, but I tried to think they where just meeting up, having a chat. I am fucking bias in this matter. My gut said that regular people meet in a cafe and not in a garage. People that wanna hide meet in a camera free garage. In garages with cameras there are no “gangs” hanging. Just saying. Calling “tips” at the police don’t result in anything much. At least I don’t think so. There should be a constant police in centers and one should be able to have another 112 number that connects to the closest center police. They would check it out. Now I usually contact the “private guards” of the shopping center. But they don’t have a number either. I think there should be such things for suspected things going on.




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