Tired after work

Nothing new, me bing tired after work. I had to go to sleep a couple of hours. I couldn’t stay awake, since I was to tired. I had to be in the work shop today. I have never done it before, being in a joinery(Google suggests that word) (a room for woodwork). But I know how to build and I had woodwork in elementary school. We have rooms for building in art classes, so it isn’t such a big difference. I know how to use many of the machines. Even safety protocols. My uncle had his own metallic workshop at home, so he had a lot of machines at his outhouse. Still has. Well. I have also done remodelling of my apartments and my house, so really, it wasn’t scary. But having to take care of kids building… that is not really my experience, but in art classes they also build, but not with these dangerous machines. Well. So it is not so strange I am really tired now.

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