Brexit in the Great Britain

Well, I’ve seen it, that GB population voted for leaving EU. It was some time ago and I am looking at the news. Today there was an article about Brexit and the 3 million affected by the new affect of leaving the EU membership behind. On of my educations is affected by the Brexit rules, since our credits originate from GB. I get British ETCS credits and my exam will be from a British institute. So yes, our education is affacted, but I will be examinated before any affect takes place. But our school needs to find a way to examinate our students. I don’t know if they even can continue to work with GB in this matter or if they will have to work with a Swedish collage or university instead. I have no idea. But it is not just the people in GB that are affected, it is all the cooporations with other’s too, like my education. Companies are affected by not being in EU. It affects the pound and many other rules. Companies will have to comply and adapt. But it has given a after affect on the market, really. I read in the SVD article that some are worried about their buisnesses and other’s wonder what rights they have to health care, schools and such when GB is not part of EU anymore. Well, all those things needs to be addressed. Even my higher educational institute has to find a new set of rules. People’s attitude has also changed to foreigners, the article says. That worries the most, the hostility towards foreigners.


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