How should we address racism?

I don’t like people making jokes that discriminate and go into the law of “hets mot folkgrupp”. It is so damn difficult to address this law. You are not allowed to do discrimination in media of those groups protected by the law in Sweden. That means we have some censoring, just to prevent discrimination really. It is in my line of future occupation to be able to teach that in fact. I was asked to hold a class about it today. Hmm… I said I could, the question is when and if I have time. The laws that apply to media publishing, even if just as a private person on Facebook, Instagram, Snapshat or something like that. Also about the issues people can phase depending on content published. It is important to teach kids about these things. I hope I have time to do it. Hmm… Certainly now when Nazis and such are all over media. Bad people doing bad stuff when people from Holocost hold lectures. I feel sad that people do those things. I think it is a winning if at least some kids get solidarity, empathy if I do hold a class about the subject I mentioned.

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