Our transports pollute our oceans with noise

Did you know that our oceans are polluted by noise? Our transports have increased the sounds in our oceans. So what? Well there is a big population in our oceans, we are all in a eco-system. Imagine not having food for the world’s population. That is a possibility, if the oceans life dies. And dead seas… with no more oxygen… sounds good? Well, think about it. We are not in balance if we make noise in our environments affecting the animal life. There is research about the pollution of noise in out oceans, i.e a study by Croll, Clark, Calambokidis, Ellison & Tershy. It has increased the latest 50 years. It affects the whales. The noise is called low frequency noise and the studies showed that the whales behavior changed due to activation of noise.

They conducted: “[..]aerial surveys, photo-identification and passive monitoring of vocal behaviour to examine the behaviour and distribution of whales when a loud LF source (US Navy SURTASS LFA) was and was not transmitting. During transmission, 12-30% of the estimated received levels of LFA of whales in the study area exceeded 140 dB re 1 μPa[..]”

Well. I think all noise reasearch is interesting. Even wind craft has been subject to noise disturbance. I think we need to research further and try to make technology silent.



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