Why is it named selfie?

The proper name would be memees… haha. Oh, right meme has that already. Well then why not egome’s? I perhaps have to accept selfies is the word already out there, didn’t invent the word, just have to live with it. Well. I continue my selfie experiment. My kid looks so stunning in a sailors outfit all dressed up. They are having a masqerade at school, so of course we need to try out some outfits. Well, anyway, I masqerade and dress up with cheap wigs. Haha. Today’s selfie is manipulated to the max. I wanted to see a old version of me as slim, so, I guess this is what I would look like if I wasn’t fat. Well. So be it. Who wants to loose 40kg? Oh, I just give up hearing the number. It would be such hard work so I just say pass on that one. I could say yes to going from 3 figures to 2 figures, it would be enough. I would then go down in size good enough for me. But that won’t happen either, since I don’t like diets. I already eat healthy. I eat school food. It is well balanced. Not gonna talk about such boring shit. I think I hold classes this week. Hmmm…. oh I need to make a film… hmmmm…. It is fun experimenting with selfies. It is egoistic somehow.

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