Nokia is back?

The old label Nokia has been bought by a Finish company and they are releasing new version of old phones, according to Expressen. Haha. I have a 3310 in storage, even older too and my favorite 7250, which is one of the most beautiful phones  I think. Hehe. I also have old LG, Samsung, SonyEricsson… I think I have a old mobile park, of functioning phones really. Old, but functioning, batteries can be bad though, since they where used a lot. Well, so reading that they release old phones… well, I think we need simple phones sometimes. Without “tell all” functions. I really don’t think the Internet is safe in any  phone. I know this for sure, since I worked with this once upon a time, unfortunately. A long time ago, young and naive. The phones should be separate from Internet from all the mobile phones all functions and not have access to the content in my phone. I hate the current system of apps that want it all. Bad security in all sectors really. Hate it.


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