Sweden legalises medical Cannabis

I hate Sweden right now, they are legalizing medical Cannabis. Now there will be a second hand market for drug abusers. We will have medical Cannabis in illegal usage, by people that do not have pain, but just want the drug anyway. I don’t think legalizing it is right. I think it would have been better if it was illegal . The affects are not cleared, according to Manzoor. Läkemedelsverket has decided this. The organisation Riksförbundet för ett narkotikafritt samhälle are making critic to this decision, according to SVD. They work for a drug free society in Sweden. By making it legal like todays Aftonbladet writes, they open up the illegal market for those  Cannabis medicines. That is the history we have with amphetamine, that ADHD patients use. There is a illegal market for those drugs. So Sweden hasn’t learned a thing. They are as stupid as some American states. I blame USA and I blame all lobbyist for legalizing medical Cannabis. I blame all artists that have promoted these drugs. I blame you all for doing this. I hate you. Simply stated. Fuck off all who wanted this. The world is fucked and it will be more hell on Earth when more people do drugs.





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