Hallon goes bananas

Printscreen DN.se 20170212
Printscreen DN.se 20170212

I had a Twitter campaign  some weeks ago, where I asked the president Obama in office to go bananas. Now the phone company Hallon copies that and uses it for their marketing. Fuck it. Copying. The expression has existed for a long while, but I have recently used it in social media… So this is the ad that dn.se shows me… They offer a subscription for mobile network, the large subscription with 22GB for 99 SEK per month. Then they have bananas in their ad… I used the expression for not having oil production anymore and suggested they choose bananas for plastic production instead. It’s friendlier and a renewable energy source. Mixing Hallon and Bananas gives a smoothie with a Swede and a English native language speaker by the way… haha. Hallongrotta is the Swedish name for pussy.  Hallon is raspberry in English(I think). Grotta means cave. This is why this ad is even more hilarious. So mixing genders and nationalities they are saying. Even different colors of skin. Haha. On top of that, up in the yellow cloud. Could be seen as Internet storage, social media etcetera. So mix genders, races up in the clouds… online with Hallon. Haha. They have also screamed it out by using capital letters. On top of that STOR, means big. Then Banana right next to it. You get it, or do I have to spell it out?



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