The insurance companies are fucked up discriminating victims

I don’t give a damn that I say this. I don’t care that people I know work in those insurance companies. I even worked in one of them at some point. I have had many issues with my things, people have done things in the past to i.e. my car. That means I am considered a liability in the computer system. That is a person that many things happen to. I was obviously considered something by the Swedish IRS (Skatteverket) also in the past, since I ended up being one of the 5000 people they check every ear… five times in the past! There are those that are never chosen for checkups. Well. Anyway. I could be “marked” in the insurance system at a insurance company my partner told me, since we are a family that has had many issues. I guess I am marked in the unemployment insurance too, since they hunt me there too and I am asked to get papers no other is asked to give, even though they have already been given all obligatory papers by law. Well. I have been short time unemployed many times this Century, before that none. I have had many issues with my cars in the past, but I haven’t even used the cars, my partner has or the cars have been parked. Anyway. A lot of stuff has happened to my movable property in the past. I have been unlucky in the past. So therefore I am considered a liability by all these fucking systems since there are many things in the past. On top of this, I have been living in experiments in this unbelievable integrity respectless country of ours. I have done intelligence tests as a six year old. I have been to experimental classes in middle school with experimental pedagogical methods and high school in the past. I have even been experimented on at the university in the past. Well. Sometimes I even haven’t been able to go into a super market without something happening, in the past. It has been people trying to kill each other, someone falling or anything at any time. Even in the subway things have happened in the past. If something doesn’t happen when I have been at the Galleria or a hotel, then it happened or happens the day before or after I was there, in the past. This has been my life in a nutshell. It is as if freaky surrounds me. It is very annoying and disturbing. But my partner said, because I am married to my partner I won’t be marked by the insurance company or have higher insurance fees in the system… because that fucker works in a insurance company… What kind of world upholds discrimination of victims(thinking of cars, when people in the past have done things to my cars in the past)? Sweden does and many other countries too on this planet. When someone does things to your property, you are the one with the higher fees for insurances, it can be the whole neighbourhood, or just you that gets a higher fee. If someone surely hates you, even if it is the universe, then you are left as a victim to higher insurance fees. What a fucked up system. And people I know have designed some of those fucking insurances. FU.

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