Film – I Daniel Blake

To true. To much I’ve seen as well. I’ve helped people to gain knowledge about the system. The system seems as terrible in the UK as in Sweden. Poor people only want to survive. The world is cruel. The societies are build on structural discrimination. It goes through everything. Pricing, companies and states. The world is built on greed. A big pile of shit. A unsustainable human race. Idiots are ruling the top. People are unemployed. People are forced to seek jobs they never will get, just for money. It is a waste of time and space. Poor people are treated as life stock, slaves and poor people are stolen their last pennies. Fair you fucking millionaire? Fuck all millionares, just fuck you to you all greedy idiots. The governments could simply fuck themselves.  This is a film that handles that area, the fucked up system in the UK, but bears similarities to the fucked up state of Sweden. The film is I, Daniel Blake. It’s at the movies right now in Sweden at least.

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