Free worker

During my on-the-job-training we students don’t get any money. It is like being an trainee really. Well, so we work for free. But they need a tutor at the work place, that has education. I have one responsible tutor and one other tutor. The other is in my subject art. Well. Today I had to teach the students on my own, since my tutor wasn’t there. I knew this in advance. I held the classes. I had my other tutor in a class room near by, but I held the classes alone. It went just fine. It was great, if you ask me. Then it’s my subject and I already worked a lot over the years. After all. I only have this half year left and an old exam to attend, then I am educated. Well. But I am student for another year after completing this one, the other program continues. Wether I will work or not, that is the question, depends on circumstances. The program is half time, so I could work the rest of the time, but I might study full-time. Haven’t decided. Well. So today I did real work, so we can say I worked for free really. I don’t get any money other than the small amount the state gives all students with student funds. I get a little bit extra for having a child, but that isn’t much. I would get more if I lived in my mother’s country of origin. There the student funds pay the rent and additional amount that covers food. Not many need student loans. Sweden is worse on this point. But I would have to have a rental apartment, I’m guessing. Maybe it wouldn’t be possible to be married to get the rent? I don’t know the rules, so I couldn’t say.

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