I am the student

I am so tired after todays seminar/lecture. I fell asleep at eight and woke up half past eleven. Very stupid. But now I am awake. Really, I need to sleep, but I am to awake for that, so I have to get tired again. I will soon go to sleep. I am student most parts of the week. I have a oposition, where I am the student and the oponent too. We have done course plannings. That is the seminar. It is 5 credits. So it’t worth 5 credits really. We are all adults. We are all overgrown adults with degrees in something. We don’t post filmed or taped lectures and seminars in Sweden since you are not allowed to do that without written consent. Some lectures the university posts themselves, but then everybody is informed in advance and know that. They can then choose to not attend. Some lectures are filmed, but not posted online, but you can go to the university and see it at a computer there, after booking it. So there won’t be any posted lectures, it’s against the law and rules in Sweden. We regulate anything. I am also against posting any lectures online that I attend. Just saying. Nothing will ever be posted when I am the teacher either. It is not allowed to publish film from a school and publish it online unless it is a school task to do it. All published film and photo’s of school children needs the written consent of the parents and the school. All research where the kids are the subject also needs consent from the parents. Therefor my new thesis doesn’t need kids, just adults. On purpose. For my last essay I had written consent from all parents. The teacher managed all those things. It was very difficult, it took time. Therefore I don’t repeat that. No kids in my thesis. Won’t publish this new essay online either, didn’t put the old one online either. But one thesis is online, the best one. The other I didn’t think it was great, so I didn’t publish it, however gave it to interested parties to use. The third one… is still not published, since it has failed. Haven’t had lust or time to attend that one. The fourth. Well, I am not gonna publish that one online either. But I will give it to my other school, so they have that research. So it will be available at two universities to borrow at least. I am not all in for online stuff. I am modest, even if you don’t think so.

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