How will they reject?

Well, tell me, how is the state financed institution going to reject someone with a teachers degree and three other exams in the valid subjects for their activities? Especially when they seek a summer worker with the competence of pedagogy at such an institute? I am pretty sure they will find a way to reject me, I won’t even get an interview. Even if I did get an interview they will chose someone else. I already know this, so what is the point in even applying for such a job? Well, I don’t expect to get it, but I will apply. I just want to see their excuse how they managed to employ someone that is way much more competent and has way much more to offer, since this is what Sweden has done to me all my life I won’t be surprised. I just cripple up inside and get sad, even though I already know the answer. I have been rejected by Sweden all my life, it is no news for me. Sweden in a nutshell, because Swedish people at work places to often seem nuts to me. I could have even ten degrees and still be rejected by Swedish institutes. This is just the way it is, when you are not Swedish enough and connected enough. Not born to the right family… All of Sweden and its institutions may sincerely go fuck themselves. I don’t think much of the state institutions, never held a job within my area of education in that part.

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