Are you kidding me?


Enormously funny. Is someone making a joke? Yeah, I call myself Human Life, mostly Human in my logo in the avatar for Gravatar, Life is with small letters. I also have a slogan that I am a driver and not a passanger. Haha. Therefor I find this ad very funny. You can still be a driver, without a car. You can drive a bike. You can drive a buss. You can drive a train, or a subway train… a horse wagon (yeah you can be the horse)… haha.

I just wanted to say, I am single driver. I don’t wanna be your driver. I want you to be your own driver, no fucking passanger. Just so you understand how I think. I am not your fucking driver, I am my own single fucking driver. So no car rides with me. Get off, don’t try to ride my way, ride your own. I drive my own life, not yours. I am a driver and a human. I am the engine of my life. Just saying. I use the word to describe that you don’t run my fucking life. Get off it, don’t try to go on a joyride on my ride. Go on a joyride with your own ride. I want all to be drivers of their own lifes, to understand their impact on the world.

I am in no way recommending anyone to buy such a stupid thing as a car, not ever. Just showing the fucking ad anyway.

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