How come it took me 2 hours in traffic today? I didn’t realise it did, until I got the time when I got the kid from school care today. Oh. I had lectures. They where interesting. However most of the time we had a seminar. Each group got a article to read and to summarize the key features. Haha. My name of my blog and alias is the same as in a theory from the 1970’s. Living and life. Haha. That was pretty funny and I couldn’t help myself to think of my blog. The strategy was also as a a transcript of my blog life. Haha. Really it was a description of living life really. Haha. I just laughed and laughed, mostly on the inside… It was pretty funny…

I had the “hate”-teacher today, the one I really cannot stand. He made me redo my home exam four times. I had to work harder for those 1,5 credits than 10 credits. I told him I didn’t really like him since he made me work that hard. He took a walk before class, then came back. Then he asked if I thought he was to tough and then he said I already have a passing grade on this class and the on-job-training. Haha. I said, no, that’s not how you do it, but you don’t need to be so hard on me. Haha. Fuck, he is cocky. But I then told him I had studied for many years and had three exams already and I never had to work this hard to pass a home exam.

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