Well, I have looked at next weeks planning and perhaps I need to clone myself. However I don’t know how to clone all of me. My cells can clone themselves, but how to clone to a duplicate I don’t yet know… Well. So I have to priotise, since I cannot really clone my ass. Well anyway. I have two days on-the-job-training. Other days lectures and seminars. Well. I have some sleepy morgnings and early days this coming week. Feels good. I have a examination and a opposion the coming week. I think I have given a passing planning to that class. It will be interesting to hear what the class has and what they say. I need to read theirs tomorrow. I think our teacher is uploading them all tomorrow. I will have to read theirs and write comments. I think I have one assigned, I just haven’t looks at the list yet. I will do that next week. I have borrowed some books for the home exam I did. I most likely could pass without doing anything, but there is something I am thinking to ad to it, just because I wanted that due to the comments from last time. I want to respond to it, but I couldn’t. But not today.I needed a books for that, since I don’t have the facts in my books. Well. Did a image analysis for one artist, just for fun. They are really sci-fi, but I like to do them. I believe he likes reading them to, so win-win for both parties.

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