Elimination of stalkers, bad guys, copyright violators and catfishers


There are to many assholes like drug addicts online. I made some art against the idiots online and promo’s online. Many artists belong to the drug addicts online, promoting their sickness with drugs to others, so they to might be lured into addictions. All girls deserve drug free men, with no other addictions than being in love with you. However many artists use catfish in their promo’s to, for marketing purposes. So I invented some pills  in my art to eliminate them from luring you into addictions, so here is some antidote for their love potions. Real love doesn’t need to be lured. If there is love, there is. However sometimes it is just a fake crush and therefore antidote could help with normal reasoning. So these are art products to get rid off sick love, that isn’t any real. Idolisation and whorship are all fake. Some even steal your ideas. There are artists for everything. I don’t mind people having fantasies, but when the artist start stealing your ideas and your art, I think they take it to far. Some have done that to my art. It is one thing if they don’t copy it. But when they fucking simply steal the ideas, they are fake artists. They have no real substance. They are not real. If someone makes a love potion of tears in artform to comfort someone, then that idiot steals the idea and makes to love potion in their ads then the artist is just a fucking idiot. The idiot didn’t even ask if it was okay. No, they just simply stole it. Idiots. Don’t they have any ideas of their own? I don’t fucking get any money to help the fucking artists. They don’t need to steal my ideas. They are millionaires. I am just poor. I only get a few kronor every month to study, since I don’t have any work during my on-the-training periods and the summers. I am what you consider a poor person. I think the artists are greedy fucking idiots and may they just burn in hell. In all their fucking greed. I do art to make people happy, not for them to steal my ideas. I want to boost confidence when I see unhappiness. Why am i kind? It is my nature to be kind. But in this case being kind only resulted in them stealing my art. I get very unhappy when they steal. I hope they get so bad karma it burns all their thoughts in their heads. They couldn’t simply appriciate someone being kind, no they have to steal.