When u have no money

I don’t take student loans, more than I need. I only borrowed a small amount of almost 9000 sek during my 1,5 years of studies. I think I did good. That means that my education hasn’t put me in enormous student loans, thankfully. Today I bite my tooth off a little bit. I need to repair the tooth. It doesn’t feel to good, since I don’t want student loans, but my account is not much to have right now. Our money covers the bills and not extra expenses like broken teeth. I really cannot afford going to the dentist. I have no money for that. But I have no choice. I will have to go and fix the broken tooth. The pet needs the vet, but I don’t have any money right now. Perhaps I need to borrow some, take a student loan this semester. It feels like I really don’t have much choice. Feels bad to borrow money. But if you don’t have enough… then the poor people only have the student loans as options. Feels shitty considering I paid off 1/3 of my loans so far. Feels shitty indeed.

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