Facebook has turned into Swedish Hunger Games

There was some strange news a while ago in Expressen, about Russian hunger games, that it was going to be a reality series, where everything is allowed. Somehow there is a group on Facebook that is similar to that, a group without rules Aftonbladet writes. The name of the group is “Den största gruppen utan regler” (The largest group without rules). Since I don’t use Facebook, even though I have an account I could use, I still don’t use it. Therefor I don’t know this group, I have never seen it, so I rely on public media Aftonbladets story in this case. Aftonbladet writes that a rape was sent live over Facebook in that group.
The rape was aired and people could understand they used a drugged girl that tried to say no to having sex. In Sweden all sex that you don’t agree to is illegal and rape. You have to really say yes, we have strict laws about this. So what the guys did was rape. It was live aired and partly visible. It was hearable.
In this group young people have also been harrassed and asked to take their own life.
It seems as if Facebook has turned to a real Swedish hunger games in that group. People seem to forget Swedish law still applies in Sweden, Facebook groups are not above the law. That means not everything is allowed, even though someone named a group that. People are stupid, if they think law isn’t still valid.

Do people loose all common sense on Facebook? What does Facebook do? I hate that company, they are really not making communication with people better in many ways. The police has difficulties getting a hand on the live air photoage of the rape. Facebook should contribute with facts about it ASAP. Even the police seems to have problems with communicating with Facebook. This is a live aired event that had many witnesses and Facebook should have a police contact person in each country in the world, so that the police easily can communicate.

If law doesn’t help the countries can legislate and force Facebook to have that, so that crimes can be handled correctly and easily. Right now Facebook is a hinder in many ways and crimes are being commited everyday on Facebook.




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