Tasks 2 do

Well. I have some things hanging over me.

  1. Home exam. **** it. 2 late already. Do it later. Won’t do that this week.
  2. 20 minute lecture by me… on a topic I haven’t really thought out… due this week. ****. I’ll do it. I’ll be great as usual, with no preparation what so ever.
  3. PM on my thesis. Due Sunday. **** it. Borrowed a lot of books. Will do it. Found a topic. Will interview 3 professionals. That will be great.  Not doing a lot this time. Just enough to pass. No controversy.
  4. I have to write a plan. Shit this is very important. It is 5 credits. Worries me most. Must do it. Most do good.

All these things need to be done this week. Ehm. Then add two lectures in all this. Oh. What am I doing? Am I crazy? Oh mine… I’ll do it, even if I will be stressed.

Then add some reading in all this… Reading? Who  wants 2 read any books? I never read all the books. Don’t ask me how that is possible. I think I perhaps read 1/10 of all the literature… just saying. Everything is possible. Ask me, I have more than 700 credits (700hp). Haha. I will pass 800 credits (800hp) this year.

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