A new costume for a male artist

My suggestion for an male artist is a new scene costume, so he is more “feminine”, but still for a man(or unisex/woman), so that we start to break boundaries on stage, just like the Japanese genre already does, so with that inspiration and his looks and colors, his black and yellow skin jacket, I suggest this, his jacket, a new cap and a “overall” showing some skin, because he has all these cool tattoos that really should be showing off more. All the black in the pants should be sliced open just as the sword, show his skin underneath. Hot pink, yellow and green. Matching shoes, but yet different color setting. Boot cut leg. It’s supposed to be denim stretch, comfortable, with soft wash, zipper in back, perhaps even low cut, by the waste, could show even a “trash stamp”, so low.


Costume for an male artist.

Did one for his friend in a band, that matches the male artist’s colors. He gets comfortable cotton trousers in camoflage colors yellow, hot pink and green shades. Then a transparent blouse with no arms, with large hot pink dots. The transparent is supposed to be matching yellow with dark black stripes gently in vertical direction. Otherwise, show as much skin as possible. Matching hot pink shoes with yellow underside, sneakers, any kind. Watched what the other artist wears, which is mostly black and jeans, sneakers and shirt or t-shirt. He has also been without, so this got brighter colors, new patterns.

New scene costume for Mike Posner in Mansionz.
New scene costume for the band member.
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