Steroid lures you in

I thought I didn’t need steroids anymore, so I didn’t take any yesterday. I felt fine, until the evening, then my coughing and sliming started again, surrender, take the fucking steroid, it was just the after effect that lured me thinking I didn’t need them anymore.  Steroids build up by each tablet and then you need to trip them down, just as if it was something you depended on. I have cold and I have severe breathing issues without the steroid this cold. But I manage fine with it. So I surrender, take that steroid and sweat all night. Well, I also get really, really hungry. But I try not to eat more than usual. My skin gets really soft and baby smooth. I look even younger. No pondus being 40+ and looking young, if you ask me. Good thing I got grey hair, my short hair also makes me look older. But still look young enough. Well, my health has improved, except that I need artificial steroids making me think I feel fine. It’s alright, as long as they make me feel fine I can take it.

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