Catch the horse tail thief!

Someone has been stealing horse tails in the USA, according to Expressen. A horse needs its tail to communicate and to protect itself against insects. It is a vital part of the horse, in order for it to be a horse. Imagine someone taking away your abilities. Would you be glad? A tail is not just for show for a horse, it is needed for a lot of things. It is not just hair for a horse. You are mean if you go cutting off the horses communication and protection. It takes a decade to grow back, depending on how short they cut it. It is horrible. If you know someone that did it report them to the police now! We cannot have people doing this out there. In the video they are wondering if it is used for hair extensions. What kind of people are willing to make a lot of horses lives worse for vanity? Oh shit. See the video yourself, on the link below.

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