New phone

Had to get a new phone. That I really couldn’t afford. But my old phone broke, the buttons stopped working after I dropped the phone by accident. Well. Shit happens. I did it. So I had to get a new one. Finally have it. Water proof, pink and 23 mb camera. Thanks. It will come in handy. The old phone? Hmmm…. It works if you put a charger in it it can start. Otherwise you cannot open it up, unless someone calls you. Very annoying I-land-problem. In the real world you really do not need a phone, just saying. There you can walk to people, or take a bike. Well, I needed a phone that I can use. Not needed, wanted a phone that I can use. You know, we people have become addicted to the phones. It is bad. Real bad. But that is how it is. I have actually detoxed myself from technology. Perhaps I would do that again at some time. Depends on what I’ll be doing. It’s ironic that I will be a teacher in all those subjects… when I have this relationship to technology. I don’t really like it.

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