This is lecture week. Tried to do some errands. Otherwise I don’t get my money from CSN. Well. I have a pet that occupies my desk, so I sit in the corner… talk about taking space from me. Well. It is very snowy in Sweden right now, at least in these parts of Sweden. It is cold and terrible weather. The exams are on my mind all the time. We have one day at home to complete them. I don’t like that. I like to have one week. Do it when I am up for it. Don’t like when things are bound in time in a day. It is like having class room exams.
I sent one of my selfies, ego photo’s, to my ex. Haha. My ex replied with something like oh you’ve gotten one of those? It ment filters. But no, he got a raw copy of the photo, no filters. I simply told him it was me with a wig and make up. Haha. He laughed. So, now you know, not just the kid says it is not the parent… My ex is my ex from my teens, that is a very long time ago. I get photo’s of them too. They like to masquerade themselves at parties. So the photo’s can be rather fun. Then they have very strange hobbies, if you ask me. That also gives very strange photo’s.

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