Bad weather

Today the weather has been bad. Really bad. Cold, windy, wet and snowy at the same time. A bad weather day really. I had lectures.
I took selfies today. You see one of them on the blog today. It doesn’t look like me. This one is prettier than yesterday. If I had more wigs I could even look prettier. If I knew how to do make-up I would do a nock-out. I have once had professional make-up when going out. That girl created amazing eyes, looked really good. Seductive. Anyways, make-up hides the real me. I don’t use make up. Just on the selfies. Then perhaps 3 times per year. I know that make-up makes some of us look more good-looking than we are, but I don’t care about that. I am fine with the real me in reality. However, since I don’t wanna look like myself online I use make-up. Well. Selfies are a really good way to make false marketing, since I don’t really look like that. If you know how to trick the eyes and the camera, then you can take amazing pictures. I usually take good pictures of people when they trust me and do as I instruct. People then look amazing. Just anyone can look amazing, if you didn’t know. Just anyone.
The only true thing today is the color of my eyes. Yes, my eyes are not blue.

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